10 Ways to Get the Walk-In Closet of Your Dreams

As a long-time member of the small space home club, I’ve been drooling over walk-in closets for most of my adult life. And although I’ve never had one of my own, most of my clients do. In addition to my walk-in closet gawking, I’ve been lucky enough to spend some quality time in quite a few of them and I’ve learned some important takeaway lessons. Mainly, no matter what your budget or closet square footage is, there are tons of inspirational ideas you can steal from the luxe closets we all drool over to make your own walk-in closet just as dreamy.

1: Add in some shoe storage.

If your one true love is shoes, don’t be afraid to go all in with rows and rows of shoe storage. Some hardcore shoe lovers would rather give up space that most of us might normally dedicate to hanging racks or drawers in favor of additional shoe storage…and that’s totally OK! Don’t be afraid to build your closet around the things that you truly love the most.

2: Convert an attic into a closet.

Convert an attic into a closet.

If you have an attic in your home and don’t need it for general storage, consider converting the space into a walk-in closet for yourself. You might need to get creative based on the unusual angles, but don’t let that stop you.

This space made use of some simple pre-fab shelves and racks and went more luxe with the decor (wallpaper on the ceiling, glam furniture and a beautiful gold mirror)

3: Save money with budget-friendly options.

Save money with budget-friendly options.

A budget walk-in closet is definitely doable, and this is fab example of how you can make some wallet-friendly decisions and still create a great space. This closet uses crown molding for shoe storage, wall hooks to showcase (and store!) handbags and hats, and a galvanized pipe rack to hold an enviously stunning clothing collection. It’s totally cost-efficient and still manages to look organized and luxe.

4: Create a faux walk-in closet.

Even if you don’t quite have space for a walk-in closet, you’re not completely out of options. You can try to create a “faux” walk-in closet in your space by making use of an unused corner in one of your rooms. In this example, an entryway was turned into a coat closet with a hanging rack, a simple bench and shoe storage. You can easily recreate this approach in a master bedroom, guest bedroom or even a wide hallway.

5: Take advantage of ample space.

Take advantage of ample space.

If you’re lucky enough to have more square footage than you know what to do with, why not go all in with your walk-in closet dreams and create an over-the-top two story space like this? While a closet like this would definitely require a bigger budget, there are still some great ideas to get inspired by. The backlit storage is a showstopper, but I love the idea of including your washer/dryer setup in your closet.

6: Experiment with color

Experiment with color

If you’ve been dreaming of making a big design statement in your home, consider going dark in your walk-in closet. Here, they used dark colors on the walls and ceiling, while choosing a lighter color for the carpet. Your closet is also a great spot to experiment with wallpaper, and using it on the ceiling can really help you to create a unique space.

7: Make your closet look like a chic boutique.

If you like to “shop ’til you drop,” it might be time to make your closet feel more like a retail store. Get inspired by some of your favorite shops and focus on the lighting of your space in order to really change the mood. Or consider adding some glass sliding doors, even if it’s just in one spot. Finally, don’t be afraid to use unusual materials in your closet, like these gorgeous herringbone wood floors.

8: Turn your reach-in into a walk-in.

Turn your reach-in into a walk-in.

Another solution for those of us with smaller spaces is to turn a reach-in closet into a quasi walk-in closet by simply removing the doors. In this example, a deeper reach-in closet looks more spacious by creating an open feel. And while you can’t quite fit as much in a closet like this as you could a walk-in, you still allow yourself more storage options when you don’t need to worry about allowing room for doors to open and close.

9: Use dressers to add more storage.

Use dressers to add more storage.

Another great budget-friendly idea is to use standard furniture in your closet to create a built-in look and feel. Here, inexpensive Ikea style dressers manage to look much more upscale and luxe with the addition of a simple countertop that extends into the corner of the space. This is another great example of a space that manages to create a faux walk-in closet feel in an unused corner of a room.

10: Go over-the-top glam. (Because why not?)

Go over-the-top glam. (Because why not?)

For those of you who are ready to create the luxe walk-in closet of your dreams, take a cue from boutique hotels and luxe department stores and try creating something that’s super glam. You can achieve a look like this by using luxe curtains, stone or faux stone flooring, statement lighting and a statement centerpiece (such as the big “M” initial in this example). This is a great option for anyone who has really unique handbags or clothing to display and wants their space to feel truly over-the-top.