Cancellation and Refund


We at Omaara do not allow returns and cancellations. We repair the product incase of any damage within or after 30 days of reporting. Any damages found have to reported within 3 days of receiving the furniture. We advice you to make an unboxing video infront of the assembly and installation technician sent by Omaara or make it yourself within 24 hours of receiving the delivery, incase you have opted to get assembly and installation done yourself.


Disclaimer: Please note that furniture can have imperfections at the back side, the side which is supposed to be against the wall. It can have imperfections at the bottom and back of the drawer, the sides that are not visible from the front or top while opening and closing a drawer. The furniture may also have minor 1-3 mm imperfections on the edges which are not visible from a 3 ft distance to the naked eye.